dance biomechanics

Always wanted to dance but did not know how?
dance without technique
Jazzo is not for those who know how to dance.
Jazzo is for those who love dancing

What is dance jazzo?
How dance biomechanics upgrades your health and livestyle by Mimoda Jazzo

the course is for those
about living in the magical world of dance, music and love
stay young and stop aging
lead healthy lifestyle with pleasure and joy
get rid off physical and emotional pain
who dreams
who wants to
who wants to
Jazzo is a new hobby
Jazzo is a physical pleasure like food and sex but without side-effects
Jazzo is the only Physical Form of Art
Jazzo is aesthetic resistance against the gravity
We don’t teach you how to dance - we teach you how to listen to music with your body
We teach you how to paint with your body
Your Mentor Mimoda Jazzo will explain everything you need to know about the philosophy, basic movements & positions
Consolidate learning process by following the video practicing with Mimoda Jazzo
Bonus videos
Special exclusive exercises will help you to dive dipper in the world of Jazzo
Inspiration library
Extensive library of videos from our studio in Los Angeles and our community from all over the world to inspire your dance imagination.
what you get
join magical world of jazzo!
Dance without technique
8 video lessons
jazzo dance
mimoda jazzo
your mentor
• Founder of Jazzo Philosophy

• Creator of Jazzo Dance

• Choreographer

• Designer

• Theater Director

• Wellness Expert

Working from his Mimoda Jazzo Dance Studio in Los Angeles, USA
Pavel, Ukraine, 37 years old
What is Jazzo Dance for me?

It's about Loving Music. About Living Music.It’s about being one with the Dance.Not for the sake of perfection. Not for someone else’s entertainment. With Jazzo Dance I realized that I don’t need to learn how to dance I just need to recall my innate ability to dance. I learned to let go. My body feels great! I discovered new moves and poses I never knew before but my body does. My spine became as flexible as never. After only a couple of lessons I can confidently say that I CAN DANCE. I feel deep self-love while dancing. More than that I feel comfortable enough to share my dance videos on social media regardless of my previous serious social image. And I receive many positive feedbacks.
Jazzo Dance is Freedom. It's about your Soul and for your Soul.
Natali, Los Angeles, 40 years old
Jazzo Dance is like nothing I’ve tried before! It’s exhilarating and liberating!

It’s so easy and you don’t need to have any experience just a desire for dancing. I became more in touch with my body and my sensitivity and the deepest part of my psyche. I feel healthy, I feel energetic and I feel beautiful.

Jazzo Dance is the new Yoga! It’s the best discovery of 2020!
Maria, Russia, 30 years old
If you are looking for something authentic and 100% original innovative in dancing that JD is for you! It’s more than just a Dance it’s a whole new point of view on your body, your emotions and your lifestyle. It’s a connection with your inner child. It’s a shedding of outdated limits of the mind and finding a new self. And it’s so much FUN!
Raji, India, 25 years old
I am so happy with Jazzo Dance! It is a freedom of Spirit and Mind. I do it everywhere and I became popular because I like myself in Jazzo Dancing. Everybody should try!
Lilia, 48 years old,
Tatiana, 48 years old,
Lyubov, 28 years old,
Alyona, 33 years old,
jazzo dance in the world
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